Town Centre Square W-s-M

The Town Centre Square, Weston-super-Mare(W-s-M) is about to undergo significant change in the first quarter of 2017.

Now that the Local Enterprise Partnership(LEP) has given the green light for funding – some £1.21 Million – it’s full steam ahead with not a moment to spare for North Somerset Council(NSC) who are busy beavering away planning for the Town Centre Square redevelopment project, notwithstanding the 2016 Christmas and New Year breaks.

As you can see from the photos Weston College are also getting on with redeveloping the old ‘Winters Garden’ Centre building, with scaffolding already in situ. This work will culminate in a new Law and Professional Services Academy as well as refurbishment of the existing ballroom. More on that here:-

  • So, from the first photo we see the central path leading from the High Street to the ornate wall, which currently halts your progress in the direction of the Sea Front at this point.
  • The second photo is closer in and attempts to give an indication of the condition of the stone work as of 27th December 2016 – in truth it’s seen better days and now could really use the services of a team of stonemasons.
  • Photo three, of the set, is taken from the wall looking toward the future Law and Professional Services Academy and Sea Front beyond. I’ve chosen this viewpoint to give a feel for what the square could look like if and when the centre section of wall were to be removed, between the two parabola with statues atop, ideally with the surplus stone being recovered and utilized to maintain the remaining sections where possible/applicable.

Also, moves are a foot[subject to negotiations] to widen the current walkway to the right – as per the photos – of the winter gardens; to open the square up to pedestrian traffic from and to the Sea Front. The intention is to use similar materials and style cues from the recently completed Sea Front redevelopment.

Were this remodeling exercise to happen the square could potentially accommodate a temporary seating arrangement for some 900 people. Which is quite an engaging and interesting concept.

All photographs used in this post are my own and copyrighted! It may be of interest – these pictures were taken on a Nexus 6P.

Declaration: As well as being, currently, resident in Weston-super-Mare – I represent the Federation of Small Businesses(FSB), for and on behalf of  Weston-super-Mare branch members, at the Town Centre Regeneration Key Stakeholders(TCRKS) Forum.

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