Demise of Branches

I took a walk in Ashcombe Park, Weston-super-Mare today, my first day out after two days of staying inside. The weather is much milder now. Milder, though with this has come wind and rain. I managed to dodge the rain squalls by staying under the, albeit pretty bare, trees.

I’m not the only one to have felt the effects of a coastal winter; so too have some of the parks trees, though, thankfully not so many this year. The tree I’ve photographed was in very poor condition.

 The tree in this photo had become diseased and needed to to be cut down. The tree in this photo had become diseased and needed to to be cut down.

The rot has emanated from the trunk, meanwhile the branches have tried to carry on functioning as normal. In the end the core became so sick that it could no longer support the branch network and this has resulted in its branches being culled too….. Unfortunately, an all too common story these days!

Hopefully cutting out the bad and managing the new growth will enable the eco-system to replenish. Its health being restored for the good of all parks users? I think this would prove a better investment on the whole.

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