Street Art – For Sale

Street Art - For Sale -Birnbeck Rd, Weston-s-Mare, UKStreet Art – For Sale -Birnbeck Rd, Weston-s-Mare, UK

‘Street Art – For Sale’ is the first monochrome photograph blogged here that is an example of my return, after a couple of decades, to 35mm and 120 film.

Having put together the necessary items in order to be able to process black and white film emulsions again and along with fellow photographers, who gave much appreciated advice and ideas to bring me up to date with current film types/stocks, processing chemicals and scanning negative film, I can now produce traditional film images in addition to my digital photography.

Currently, I do not have a darkroom and harbour no plans to set one up. I will content myself with scanning my negatives for sharing via screen-display, ink-prints and zine-booklets utilising computers and attached printers.

The film is Kodak Double X rated at 250iso; taken on a Nikon SLR/Nikkor zoom lens; developed in Rodinal 1:25 at 70° for 6 minutes.

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