21st Century Ponies

Out in West Wick on the edge of Weston-super-Mare I saw these ponies around a bale of hay on a piece of ground – Weston Gateway, New Business Park the sign says – Scott Elm Drive. Alongside the M5 motorway, Junction 22 .

The ponies don’t seem unduly bothered by the traffic noise, maybe they simply are used to it by now?

The pony, you see in the main picture, suddenly got ‘ornery’ and, with a mouth full, forcefully barged the others out of the way. I thought it can’t be for the hay, as there is plenty. Maybe he wanted to ensure I got his best side – who knows.

Here’s a little slideshow set made up of five photos:-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is of course winter time in the UK and we are having a very mild one at that. Though, I feel these are ’21st Century Ponies’ and have had to adapt to they’re muddy surroundings on the edge of a housing estate, on the one side, and a busy motorway, on the other.

I’m sure they are absolutely fine, it’s just that one can’t help feeling it was all meant to be a little different to the reality seen here!

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