Birnbeck Island

Simply, this album is to become a collection of photographs showing this Weston-super-Mare landmark as it slowly decays away, inch by sorry inch!


Taken on boxing day 2016, before lunch – a fabulous day with the sun shining, cold in the wind though as I stood on the shore for this shot; my hands were so cold I couldn’t feel the camera controls. Nikon D80 + Nikkor 50mm


Photographed from the path above Birkett Road. Low tide 22nd February 2016. View  of the teashop along the pier to the island. To the bottom right is an alternative way to access the island when the tide is out – do not attempt to use this route; the consequences can be quite dire, on occasion fatal even. Pentax K-5 + HD Pentax DA 40mm Limited


From higher ground for this frame of 19th February 2016. Good visibility on this occasion and one can clearly see Flat Holm in the background on the left. Also, clearly visible is the near complete collapse of the joining section to the deep water landing pier that came down in the storms a few weeks back. Pentax K-5 + HD Pentax DA 40mm Limited


Two days later 6th January 2016 and again the tide is in coming fast I took  this and left. Although the water has settled out a lot of the silt and looks much clearer now – for the Bristol Channel, though that’s relative of course. Pentax K-5 + HD Pentax DA 40mm Limited


Taken 4th January 2016, very wet cold day with the tide coming in, so not a lot of time to stay down on the shoreline. Notice that storm we’d been having has made the water silt laden and muddy.  Pentax K-5 + Pentax DA 35mm


This is the shot I’ve used for the website home page. Taken 3rd January 2016. A bitterly cold day – well for the UK anyway, not that cold then really – the sun though shone it was near perfect. Pentax K-5 + Pentax DA 35mm


Taken on 31st December 2015, sea was choppy and it was very windy – definitely a little more like winter. Pentax K-5 + Pentax DA 35mm

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