Birnbeck Shoreline and Pier

Birnbeck Shoreline – 14th April 2017

I’ve headed, again, to the shore at Birkett Road, Birnbeck, Weston-super-Mare to see how the old pier is holding up; I make no apology for revisiting, with a camera, this grand old landmark as often as I do. I find the whole scenario [Coastline, Island and Pier] fascinating indeed.

I arrived as the tide had already turned and was receding, which for me was just right for my purpose. I then decided that I would work my way down to the waters edge and along to the underside of the pier’s structure. These photographs are the result of my visit.

boulders forming tidal break water
The way to the underside of Birnbeck Pier is a rocky one!
Pier legs and their bracing ties
One of the Pier’s sets of Legs and bracing ties.
Close up of a support and it's ties with connecting plate
Close up of a support with it’s ties and connecting plate
Embedded support leg
As the tide recedes it reveals a support leg clearly embedded – probably pile driven – into the sea bed.
photo shows the four-two-four pattern of iron leg supports
Photo shows the four-two-four pattern of iron supports used