Keeping an Eye on Grafitti

These photographs are all my interpretation of parts of original works and as such are derivative.

Credit and respect to the [street] artists that have contributed to Weston-super-Mare during and since ‘Dismaland‘. Obviously not everyone feels the same way, some don’t like it seeing it as simply graffiti. As obvious, is that, you may have guessed, I do find purpose in this work and feel it has added some much needed colour and interest to what would undoubtedly be, otherwise, dull areas.

Fascinating to me is the disposable nature of the artwork itself and literally anyone can come along behind and alter or even completely obliterate the original. Of course the elements take their toll as well, diminishing and eroding the bright colours. The two photographs of the screened off Birnbeck Pier area show this process perfectly as one part of the hoarding is completely different. These works then are unique and many deserve recording in my opinion. Once they are gone they are lost for good.

I hope you enjoy these images and maybe feel this is a worthwhile endeavour.

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